Healthcare Sector

Smart Design, Smart Healthcare
Hospitals or any other type of medical center are most complex design projects. Every hospital needs to have certain sections including reception, labs, outpatient area, doctors’ rooms, critical care units, emergency, private rooms, general wards etc. Proper proportions have to be ensured and their placement has to be done perfectly; the time spent in reaching a certain area, distance between different units, accommodating expected foot fall in the hospital and other factors have to be taken care of. It is imperative that patients and their attendants feel comfortable at the hospital and do not have to spend unnecessary energy at locating the desired section of the hospital.

Steelcraft Interiors comes to your rescue. Our advanced design procedure paired with experienced team makes sure that your medical facility is designed to fulfill its intended purpose with highest efficacy.

We ensure that:

  • Space is planned such that patients do not feel overwhelmed with crowded corridors
  • Space is used smartly
  • Healthcare facility is aesthetically pleasing
  • Distances are appropriate between sections
  • Healthcare building and design codes are implemented as required

We provide smart design solutions not only for the space conundrum but also for the aesthetics and functionality of the hospital design.

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