About Us

Steelcraft Interiors is a prestigious home and office design solutions provider located in Dublin, Ireland. Our clients are prominent organizations in office, retail, education, retail and hospitality sectors from Ireland and the UK. Our claim to fame is responsible selection of material for all our design projects.

What do we do?
Steelcraft Interiors takes complete responsibility of every project. We begin with layout design of office space, move on to implementing the design by searching and sourcing material including furniture, fixtures, lights, chairs etc. We own every project we do, and feel obligated to provide high quality designs.

Why Choose Us?
We work in multiple sectors. Be it your office that needs our touch of elegance and luxury. It can be your dream restaurant or hotel that needs to make a mark in the industry. It can a school campus every child would love to attend or maximize the use of hospital space to serve more patients. We can work to expand space that needs to be converted into a store front for your brand? Steelcraft Interiors does it all. We have various teams, specializing in design solutions for each of these sectors and can guide you through design decisions to build the project you have always thought of.

What makes us different?
The strong work ethic at Steelcraft Interiors dictates the projects we choose. It is one of our core values to select material responsibly, which is fair trade, conflict-free and produces minimum carbon foot print. Steelcraft Interiors does not compromise on quality by choosing subpar material. Our crafters and workmen commit to deliver the excellence we promise our clients. Our sense of commitment, passion and dedication make Steelcraft Interiors the best choice for your design project.

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